It’s a new year and 2020 is finally behind us. At Neon we’re optimistic that 2021 will bring good times, excitement and will be full of opportunities. The Neon team has compiled a list of 21 things we’re looking forward to over the coming months and that has us staying strong during lockdown 3.0.


1. Knocking Live Events out of the Park

It’s been clear from the start of this pandemic that event industry organisations would have to quickly adapt and innovate in response to Covid-19. At Neon we already had experience in the digital world but that doesn’t mean we don’t miss our live events. Dan, our managing director, is looking forward to planning these live events again and executing some exciting new ideas to boot in 2021! Take a look at our past events.

2. Less Zoom…more rooms!

Catch phrase of 2020?… “You’re on mute”. Now we want less Zoom and more rooms! By rooms we mean we can’t wait to engage in the power of face-to-face meetings with our clients and staff alike and to hear the chatter of our vibrant office again.

3. Sustainable Innovation

Many people are moving towards sustainability and innovating in ways that will negate environmental harm. Just take a look at Glastonbury Festival banning single use plastic in 2019. We’ve seen some other innovations that really made us sit back and say ‘wow’. B-droids are helping farmers pollinate their crops in California, Cloudfisher is designed to help coastal communities convert fog into drinking water and Waitrose have delivery trucks fueled solely by food waste. In 2021, the possibilities are endless.

4. Exercising and Training

We’re a very active team here at Neon and we’ve been missing the social side of exercising. In 2021 we can’t wait to train again with our friends and teammates or even just get to the gym a few times a week. This month the Neon team are trying to give back and stay active by taking part in the 100 Miles for The Mater Foundation. We hope to be able to do more of this in 2021 with friends and family we’re missing. Those hoping to sponsor the team can do so here.

5. Pub Banter

Some pints, live music, no substantial meal required and a bitta craic. Need we say more?

6. Travel

We want a holiday and we want it now! The Neon team are looking forward to discovering new places, cultures and food all over the world once it’s safe again. Our Account Manager Rebecca is waiting to step off a plane and feel the hot air on her face for that proper holiday feeling!

We’ll be so happy, we might even clap when the plane lands…

7. The Tokyo Olympics

Athletes all over the world were disappointed that the 2020 Olympics had to be postponed. At least it gives us something to look forward to this summer though. It has something for everyone to enjoy and we’ll be watching with the rest of the world.

Is it too late to start training?

8. Festival Season

With many of us not having attended a festival since 2019, we’re in dire need of a weekend of music, friends, dancing into the early hours and… dodgy tents? Our Account Executive Nyrenee is remaining cautiously optimistic that we might be able to achieve that this year and that she can make up for the lost festival moments last summer.

Oh, to be strolling through a field of tents again

9. Unique Venues

One of the wonderful things about events is seeing interesting venues. With the return of live events on the horizon, the Neon team are excited to discover unique venues and maybe even plan an event or two at them!

10. Brunch and Cocktails

It was fairly unanimous that we miss our socialising. Digital Account Executive Kaushiki is excited for getting ready, throwing on the glad rags and enjoying brunch and few overpriced cocktails with friends, but she definitely speaks for the team on that.



11. Industry Collaboration

2021 isn’t just about getting back to bars and restaurants. Something Covid has taught us is that the events industry is strong and has worked hard on collaborating in order to survive Covid-19. One collaboration we were happy to be a part of in 2020 is The Event Industry Ireland (EII). We hope event industry professionals continue to work together in 2021 to provide a sustainable future for events in Ireland.

12. Pampering

It’s the little things in life, like blow-drys and nail appointments, that allow us to really relax and Emma is definitely hoping to enjoy some pampering this year. We’re sure she’s not the only one longing for a trip to the salon or a spa getaway when restrictions are lifted.

13. Good News

It’s difficult finding yourself surrounded with daily Covid-19 numbers, statistics and restriction updates. Won’t it be something amazing to see these eventually disappear and be replaced with good news of people being reunited across the globe, the elderly being able to leave their house without fear and the world slowly returning to normal?

14. The Rise of Purpose-Led Branding

Another thing we’re excited to see in 2021 is the rise of purpose-led brands. These brands are led by a core purpose that will influence their vision, mission, decision-making and visual identity. We’re excited to see more of this as it promotes a wonderful authenticity in the business world and we know that they go beyond focusing on their profits. These brands want the best for their customers, something the staff here at Neon identify with! If youre interested on moving towards purpose-led branding Adobe has some top tips.

15. Visiting Family

Something that has been made clear during this pandemic is the importance of family and loved ones. Many of us are excited to meet our families again without standing 2 metres apart and our Financial Controller, Leone, is no exception. She can’t wait to head home to her family in France this year and to have a good old catch up with some delicious food and drink.

16. BBQs

We love a BBQ at the best of times, but with so many restrictions on socialising in 2020 we think we’ll enjoy them even more in 2021.

17. Tactile Free Technology

Technological advances are something marvelous and in the current climate it’s only natural that touch-free tech has come on in leaps and bounds. In 2021 we could see a push for touchless innovations going beyond contactless payments. Already we’ve seen QR codes used as a hygienic alternative to menus and improved mobile elements so the Neon team are keen to see where this innovation may lead. For more interesting information on tactile free tech check out this article by Tech Crunch.

18. Exploring Ireland and Going on More Staycations

A positive we can take from 2020 was that we were encouraged to explore our beautiful little island. While we hope that this year we might catch a flight somewhere warm, we’re also excited to keep the staycation trend going. Our Head of Strategy and Brand Planning, Gavin, is looking forward to a trip back West to discover more of what Ireland has to offer.

19. Climate Change Action

2021 could be a critical turning point in the battle against global warming. Many countries, such as China, Japan and Canada, have dedicated themselves to reducing their carbon footprint. 2021 will also be first time the UN Climate Change Conference takes place since Paris in 2015. Here, countries all around the globe will engage in further planning and action to combat rising global temperatures and we’re committed to doing what we can to help in this fight. For more positive information on climate change in 2021 click here.

20. Dancing

2020 provided us with some amazing music but we found ourselves lacking a place to dance to it. This year we want to get back out onto the dancefloor and appreciate all the songs we’ve only been able to bop to in our sitting rooms.

21. Christmas

It might be too early to mention Christmas but Neon’s Digital Account Manager Kevin is already excited for the holiday season. With so much uncertainty last year we hope that this Christmas we’ll be surrounded by friends and family, celebrating the way we know best.