We love this time of year, when all the team put their work stresses aside, and enjoy an evening of indulgence and celebration together. But of course, it can be taken for granted the research and work that goes into the planning beforehand. Finding a venue for a large number of people, coming up with fresh ideas, and sourcing the best entertainment and catering to suit the budget can be time consuming and stressful, especially when you have a heap of other responsibilities to manage too! So, that’s where we come in!

We specialize in event planning, from 10 person off-site events, to festivals in their tens of thousands, so you can rest assure that we know our stuff! Whether you are feeling overwhelmed, or if this is your passion; we are happy to organise the event from start to finish, or merely assist you in the areas you require.

There is no hard sell here. You set the budget and objectives, and we propose a concept to suit your needs, which you can then accept, or modify. It’s that simple!

Classic Christmas Party Themes

Take a step back in time to a world of subtle sophistication with an operatic masquerade ball, enjoy an elegant evening amongst the sparkling frost and snow with a glistening winter wonderland, or opt for the classic warmth of the opulent Christmas gala.From event build and dressing, entertainment management, to the subtle personalized details such as individual gifts and table settings, Neon Agency are here to ensure your Christmas event is a success.

Christmas Themes Neon Agency


Kids Christmas Parties

We plan a lot of Kids Christmas Events, and we pride ourselves on our top-quality service offering! Whether it’s your own office space or you have a venue booked, we can create a fully bespoke themed Kids Christmas family day events for you and your company. Neon Agency have the props and entertainers to ensure the little ones are well looked after during the festive season.

Bring some magic with a traditional hard walled Grotto build, festive theme dressing, and fun character actors to suit your theme; such as Santa and his elves, Elsa and Olaf from Frozen, or Willy Wonka’s Christmas Chocolate factory.

Kids Christmas Parties Neon Agency


4 Steps to Planning your Christmas Party

  1. IMAGINE IT – We are here to help you find the best approach for your brand, audience & event. Alternatively, should you have a clear plan in mind, we will work with you to bring your vision to life!
  2. DESIGN IT – Once the concept has been determined through the use of themed mood-boards, we work with you to narrow down what works, and what doesn’t.
  3. PLAN IT – We work within your budget requirements, and set clear and honest expectations. All costs are clearly broken down for you. A final plan is presented for your approval before any planning commences
  4. EVENT IT – This the part we love the most! Whether you choose to actively work with us throughout the project, or sit back and leave the rest to us, you can rest assure that your event is in good hands at Neon Agency.

4 Steps to Planning your Event Neon Agency

Here at Neon, we love the experience of creating visually impressive events. Whether it’s a theme you have set for us, or a creative concept of our own, we will do all we can to bring the idea to life! Some concepts we have worked on include childhood movies, Victorian eras, cultural inspirations and world festivals, to name a few. For Christmas classics, sometimes the originals are all you need!


Our experienced professional events team work directly with you to effectively create the event you want, within your budget. So don’t hesitate to message or call us for a no-obligations quote today.

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