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Neon Agency Ltd. put together a bright and eye-catching pop-up shop for the launch of the 4 new flavours of Fulfil Nutrition Bars in Ireland. Fulfil Protein and Vitamin bars have become extremely popular across Ireland and beyond since they were launched in early 2016. With 15 million bars sold in 2016 and 40 million sales expected in 2017, they are fast becoming leaders in the Nutrition bar market segment.

The team at FULFIL were eager to build awareness around their four new flavours, and asked the team at Neon Agency to make it all happen with a memorable pop-up shop in Dublin City Centre. Delighted to take on such a colourful and tasty project, we got to work on developing an eye-catching and memorable brand activation!


A key element to a successful brand activation is the location! The team were delighted to secure the prime spot of the South William Bar and their beer garden for the event. The venue had never been used for activations before, so the project proved to be a thorough and exciting transformation of the space! The lads were extremely accommodating and they didn’t even bat an eyelid when we suggested painting the whole place bright yellow! But painting the town yellow (literally!!) wasn’t going to achieve our blinding impact on its own, and so a giant balloon installation crawling up the building was obviously our next step!


Inside was no disappointment either. The inside of the shop was completely re-built with angled ceilings, the iconic multicoloured stripes on the floors directing guests towards the infamous melted FULFUL bars over Mooch Froyo! Glowing display shelves housed the delicious bars, which sold out instantly!

We teamed up with Mooch Frozen Yoghurt, Re:Store Coffee, Old MacDonnell’s Yoghurt and Urban Health Smoothies to showcase the new flavours in a variety of exciting ways – melted over frozen yoghurt, blended into a smoothie, topping on a yoghurt and partnered with a hot coffee. This added to the novelty of the new flavours for customers as they were able to experience them in a new way. Customers were also given the opportunity to buy boxes of their favourite flavour bar.



The pop up attracted widespread attention for FULFIL, at the end of the event over 8,000 bars were sold and the hashtag #Fulfil reached over 1,000,000 social media accounts across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. This was achieved with the help of several key influencers including Roz Purcell, James Kavanagh and Davey Kenny as well as extensive coverage across print and online media.

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