It’s the only time of year for socially acceptable terror in the workplace… take full advantage with these fab Halloween Party ideas to bring some terror into your week!

Play with lighting

Lights are key to setting the tone for an event. Play around with theme coloured lights such as greens, purples, and orange. Uplight the venue walls, or position the lights around the windows of the venue for an eerie glow on arrival!


Green Lights Halloween Party


Sometimes… more is more!

Fill the space with lit pumpkins and lower the lights. There is nothing like hundreds of flaming faces to welcome you on a dark evening!

Halloween Party Pumpkins


Shhh.. did you hear that? 

Sound is just as important as visuals, and when both are combined, multiple senses are being triggered. Play around with some ideas such as scary sound effects, eerie music or even a combination of noise and silence to create an atmosphere that makes your hairs stand on end.

Halloween Party Scare Tactics

Smoke and Stilts

There is something about obscure vision that really adds to the anticipation and thrill when it comes to horror themes. Multiply the effect with a giant clown on stilts, and you’re good to go!

Halloween Party Smoke and Stilts


Dinner with the Dead

Or keep it a low key event, with an elegant dinner with the dead. Not everyone can be the life and soul of the party!!

Halloween Party Dinner with the Dead


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