Here at Neon, we are proud to be a “people and society first” organization and make it a point that all our campaigns are in line with the wellbeing of its stakeholders and the world at large. Sustainability is more than a concept and we try to incorporate it into practice in everything we do. So, while we wait here for events to go live in 2021, we pondered on how we can create grounds for the ultimate Sustainable Event experience –



Food waste – This is a big concern in live events. Attendees tend to dispose off majority of the set menu and plates. One way to curb this situation could be to opt for a menu-based system to avoid over ordering of food. This can include guests making pre orders depending on food allergies and dietary requirements or calculating the exact amount of food needed per person once you have the RSVPs for the event.



Food Donation – Why not tie up with local food shelters so that you can give away all the leftover food as soon as the event is over. Not only will this rectify the problem of any leftover food and beverage but also help do something good for the society. Some of the organizations you can get in touch with are Mid West Simon Community, FoodCloud, Dublin Food Pantry etc.


Sustainable décor – Using artificial flowers and décor pieces that can be reused and upcycled in numerous ways in other events and festivals is an extremely sustainable practice that is easy too incorporate too. They are long lasting and require lesser upkeep in terms of no need of watering the plants and keeping them fresh. Opt for artificial foliage that look just as beautiful and the wear and tear is minimal.



Living alternatives – If opting for original flower arrangements, try to whip up a competition or a giveaway where the planters can be given to attendees in spot prizes. They can be super engaging, and everyone loves being handed over a pretty arrangement. The whole of 2020 made everyone a plant mommy or daddy and what better way than this to capitalize on that! Also, try to use seasonal flowers instead of exotic or non-seasonal flowers as acquiring them adds to the carbon footprint!



On site compostable pits – While we are at it, why not go for having compostable pits on the site of the event. Along with the Green bins, the pits can be a great option when serving fresh food. Organic food often comes with covers and packaging that is compostable. Also, people get a real kick out of being involved in such activities that makes them feel good about caring for the environment.




Reuse, Reduce, Recycle! – Reusing some of the banners for multiple events is a great way to reduce the use of plastics and non-biodegradable materials. If possible, try to recycle billboards announcements by reprinting on them. It might not be an option for the main event announcement but for spaces that require a little less attention, they are a great way to cut corners. Not only it will be good for the environment, but it will also save cost of making up new boards!

reduce reuse recycle



Avoid single use plastics – this could not be said enough but just a small act of even unwrapping and providing food to the attendees can save a lot of waste accumulation and can ensure proper waste disposal at your own end. Another way is to opt for biodegradable cutlery made of bamboo or even recyclable material like metal. Sugarcane boxes to store food. You can always brand it for that Instagram moment! This can also be extended to providing a “festival kit” comprising of a Keep cup, tumbler to drink water from tap and not packaged water, sustainable cutlery and maybe a biodegradable disposable bag for the attendees to have a more hassle-free experience. Companies like Down2EarthMaterials specialize in making low carbon, low impact food service disposables. You can check them out at here.




Electricity Conversion – One of the main contributors to energy consumption is electricity. Massive amounts of fuel is used to power large events and festivals for days. While it might not be possible to completely eliminate the usage of fuel generators, we can use alternative energy powering systems like solar panels to power some parts of an event like food stalls, lavatories and ticket counters. Another quirky idea is to install manually powered juice bars, that could add a fun element for the event attendees too. Ever heard of Sustainable Dance Club? What if there was a way to generate electricity with every dance step you take? Check it out here!



Swag bags – all those freebies that your attendees just love might be the biggest addition to waste. Why not take advantage of the digital world we live in and opt for virtual freebies? Retail vouchers, eBook downloads instead of pamphlets, e-passes for events can be a cool and innovative way of giving the memorabilia.

digital swag



Eco transportation – Another way to reduce the carbon footprint could be to host events in a venue close to a public transport like a central trail station or a bus stop. While this might not be possible for large scale events, smaller events can behoove with this as people can easily bike to the venue. Even ride sharing companies and car pool services can be brought on as a mode of transportation to the event. Maybe a cool idea could be to setup an app for the event where attendees in the same vicinity can hitch a ride together?


These are some of the ways and wonders we as an agency think might put the foot on the pedal for a greener, cleaner and sustainable future of the world. We believe that it is possible for business to succeed in harmony with nature, society and our planet. This is a future we both hope for and aspire to. Continuing on our thought process, we are proud to present a one of its kind Sustainability Summit SX21.

SX21 is an initiative formed in response to the need for a collective voice across industry to promote, discuss and champion the sustainable agenda.

The Sustainability Summit will be three day hybrid event that will bring together some of the greatest minds, industry champions, start-ups, investors, public sector officials, NGOs and the academic sector in an effort to collaborate, share, learn and create for the long term benefit of society, purpose and planet.

So come join us, on 21st of September 2021, as we take the plunge of making a difference and give a platform to the voices that need to be heard to tackle this “need of the hour” problem.

Head to our website to find out more!